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Apparently, some one was using a non-existing fake e-mail address under my domain to send out spams.



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Links to Ginza Store articles

I was going to upload some photos today but will instead list the links to news articles; there seem to have been some regulation for covering the event today. Some people have been telling me that the event today was inteded for commecial media and some non-commercial web sites were asked to remove their articles. I was out all day (until after midnight) and haven't been contacted.

As a freelance journalist who wears shoes on both sides (commerccial and non-commercial blog), I am not totally opposed to the idea of giving advantage to commercial media.

But my previous article only states fact that are now available at almost any commercial news sites in Japan (and the blogs that quote them), I will leave it as is.

And instead of uploading photos from today's session (which didn't represented the aesthetic of the store anyway), I will be listing the links to those Japanese commerical news site that has the story (and the photo in alphabetical order ;-) ):




for those of you who don't read Japanese, Bebel Fish may be helpful.

And for those of you who are expecting my articles.

MacTopia Japan may be the first media that would publicize my commercial article, Gadget Navi will be second.

MacPeople and MACPOWER, the most popular Mac magazines in Japan will follow it mid-December.

Some may find my decision controversial but I would not want to have that discussion (attached to this particular article), so I will disable comments and trackback for this particular article.

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2004 Fall, Apple Store Osaka[日本語もあります]

Today was the press opening for Apple Store Ginza.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer, Inc. has presented the first Apple Store outside US which also is the first Apple retail store to be more than two street levels.

During the presentation Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson have revealed that they will be opening the second retail store in Japan fall 2004 in Osaka. The precise location are to be announced at later date.

Apple Store Ginza is the first retail store that will use elevetors (instead of glass stairs found in other Apple Retail Stores). It will also be the first retail store that will have 48 hours turn around time repair service.

I will be uploading pictures of the store later today; and it will be much later because I have meeting until after 11pm :-(


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