developing of a protocol

Last night, I was waiting for a bus at Shibuya Station listening to the tunes of street musicians playing near the bus stop. After two songs, she folded her score notes and halted. Just then another street musician standing about 20 ft away from here started playing. I've noticed these two were taking turns to play their music.

At first, I wondered why these two don't stand further away so both can be playing at the same time. But then I've noticed the girl has always been playing at the same spot at least on every Thursday. She has her own spot where all her fans gather around. I don't remember seeing the other guy but perhaps, it was his spot.

Seeing these two and imagining how they have made this protocol reminded me of how I've iChatted with my friend over an iSight.

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I received an e-mail from And I am glad I didn't select it and pressed the junk mail button(*1).

I have some works I have to finish in a hurry. So I am writing this entry as a memo to myself; I will update this entry later with more of what I want to say. - browse the Keyword Map of

*1) I do it w/o reading to about 400 e-mails I receive everyday, SPAM has made a very useful communication tools called e-mail useless (at least for me).

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SPAM & creativity

Some spammers amaze me with their creativity. They are so smart to invent new way to by-pass anti-spam filters.

I always wish they could use that creativity for something more productive, something they can be proud of and say to their children and their parents that they have "INVENTED IT".

It is very sad that they had to use their creativity in such way.

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Apple reports Q1 2004

I just got back from MACWORLD EXPO/SAN FRANCISCO + International CES and trying to adjust my body clock to JST (in vain). But thanks to waking up early, I could check Apple reporting Q1 result in real-time. They are net profit of $63 million, or $.17 per diluted share. Revenue for the quarter reached a four-year high of $2.006 billion, up 36 percent from the year-ago quarter.

However, nobody seems to be reporting because of a news of bigger magnitude: JP Morgan buying Bank One (which can be the 3rd biggest deal ever).

I used to be a BankOne customer (orignally, an M Bank customer) and am surprised with this news as well.

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help: Spams, spams, spams ...

I was checking my server and found I am receiving many returned e-mails from MAILER-DAEMON at

Apparently, some one was using a non-existing fake e-mail address under my domain to send out spams.



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