First 10 Years of iPhone: How It Has Changed Our World

Steve Jobs at MACWORLD 2007 Keynote (C)Nobuyuki Hayashi

(C)Nobuyuki Hayashi

The Legendary Intro

10 years ago from now, Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone.
I was luckily covering the event onsite. It was an unfortunate year for many of the other consumer electronics journalists who have chosen to attend Consumer Electronics Show; as one US News reporter described it on a TV report: ‘the biggest news of CES 2007 was from a company that didn’t even have a booth.’

At the stage of MACWORLD keynote Steve Jobs declared that “Apple reinvents the phone.” In a few years, the world learns it had not just reinvented the phones but the whole digital eco-system for that matter. Within five years, it was so natural for Apple to become the world’s most valued company.
On January 25, 2007, right after iPhone's introduction, I wrote a series of article (in Japanese) titled “iPhone is the first tree that would start a new forest.’ I was right. But I couldn’t imagine it would have been forests this big.
A decade has past since the legendary intro. So much of what we have been taking for granted today wasn’t the way it was in 2006. So let me summarise it from my own perspective.

The Obvious

First there are some obvious changes.
If it were not for the iPhone,
- there hasn’t been Angry Birds, Puzzle & Dragon, Instagram, Evernote, Line or WhatsApp and 2 million more Apps on the App Store
- Many companies that we hear often today like Uber, Snapchat, Rovi wouldn’t have existed
- Many business around the popular apps (such as Angry Bird the movie or LINE sticker store, or the LINE character retail shops) wouldn’t have existed
- emoji hadn’t become this popular
- programming with Objective-C nor Swift had become this popular
- there might have been Android but it may not have been as good as how it looks today instead it might have been a Windows Mobile like device operated with built-in keyboards and stylus

Thanks to the App economy, there are Apps to do almost anything. Below you will see an installation from “NOSIGNER: REASON BEHIND FORMS” exhibition which shows how much tools have been integrated into iPhone; NOSIGNER is a Japanese design firm.

The above list can go on and on. But here on my blog, I would like to focus more on the fundamental changes.

The Divide

Before iPhone came along many other people were worried about ‘digital divide.’ After Internet became popular with Windows 95 and iMac, the world was divided in two: those who have & can operate a PC (or Mac) and search the Internet and those who don’t. By the time, iPad came out in 2010, I have realised that we are no longer hearing that term. Perhaps, in this area, the more affordable Android devices made a bigger contribution; but cost to access to Internet has dramatically decreased thanks to the smartphones. Before smartphones, we had to buy a PC and a router, install DSL or fibre optics and sign up for an ISP. But smartphones made it simple. Even for the rather expensive iPhones, the ‘cost of owning Internet access’ has dramatically decreased compared to PC-era.
The Internet population is growing at tens of millions per year; and most of them start their life on the Internet on smartphones.

Speaking of the ‘digital devide’ after 2010, I started to see reverse phenomenon. Of course, those white colour workers who had the Internet before iPhone also make some progress with iPhone/iPad such as having better access to the corporate network from outside, etc.
But bigger leaps were happening in industries which didn’t take advantage of PC revolution such as people in Primary Industry (farming, fishing, forestry, etc.), tourism, education, fashion, medical field, etc., etc.

(c)Nobuyuki Hayashi

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DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON: a perfect example for iPhone as an exhibition guide


"DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON", a exhibition about Japanese traditional x modern design (will finish on Sept 1.) displays a very good example of iPhone/iPod touch as an exhibition guide.

If you have either device, you should check out the following URL:

It is a bilingual guide (i.e. Japanese + English).

You will be surprise to find, how they have even optimized the size of movies.

The exhibition ends within 24 hrs. but I hope this site would remain as the model example.



the event was organized by Kenmei Nagaoka.

For more information about him:

His portfolio in English

His blog in Japanese

D & Department

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If you haven't yet, don't update your iPhone to 2.0.2


If you are an iPhone user and if you luckily hadn't updated its OS to 2.0.2, don't do it and wait until the next update.

I am one of the users who is experiencing the App Crash bug.

Some say that they were able to fix the problem by installing a new app from App Store; it didn't work for me.

My friend, Matthew Skyrm told me he got to fix this problem by authorizing the computer using iTunes and sync'ing, but it didn't work for me.

The only thing that worked for me so far is to "restore" the iPhone.

But even after restoring, if you buy a new App from the App Store, it could re-initiate the problem.

Restoring is a painful process especially if you find out that your backup file is corrupted and realize that you have lost all the data (from your MotionX score to Recorder's recordings and photos and SMS and notes, of course) and that you have to start over with all the settings, etc. etc.

If you already have upgraded to 2.0.2, be careful and don't buy too many apps from App Store until the next OS update.

OS 2.0.2 seem to be working fine for a while but it seem to break some DRM info while installing/updating your apps (via App Store on your iPhone).

The second time, I got into this problem was after I purchased an app from App Store; the app didn't finish installing for a LONG WHILE. And I had to power off the iPhone while the app didn't finish installing.

After the reboot all third party apps stopped launching.

Apple Insider says SJ is promising a September update to fix this, but I think this is more serious than he thinks.

I can't say for sure if OS 2.0.1 didn't have this problem (but at least to me, it didn't).

I hope Apple will re-release OS 2.0.1 as an OS 2.0.3 update very soon.

iPhone will be launching iPhone in 20+ country today possibly with the OS 2.0.2; I hope it doesn'T evolve into a serious problem.

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check iPhone 3G at Japanese news sites


After July 10, a minute after midnight Japan time (which was morning July 9th for the US), half dozen of Japanese news sites started posting the latest in-depth review about iPhone 3G.

You can find almost everything you want to know about iPhone 3Gs.

You can use Google Translate to read them in English (and no translation needed for the pictures).

There are many info, you can't find in US sites at least, perhaps, after the product release.

Here are some links: review part 1 review part 1

ITmedia's movie review

ITmedia review

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