How about an Abacus on your new iPhone?

One of the new feature of iPhone 2.0 OS is a rotating calculator; i.e. the calculator which would turn into a scientific calculator if you pivot your iPhone in horizontal direction.

But if you want to go wild, you may want to try this:

Koneta 2008-017


You can see a movie there, too.

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24 for 48 at Softbank Omotesando for iPhone


It was two days before the official iPhone launch in tokyo.

and my count for the queue was 24 at Softbank Omotesando store.

Those who started queueing the night before started to feel tired.

I hope everyone will be okay.


To avoid people from peeping in (the store front is all glass), Softbank shop has covered one third of the store with a temporary partitioning.


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