DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON: a perfect example for iPhone as an exhibition guide


"DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON", a exhibition about Japanese traditional x modern design (will finish on Sept 1.) displays a very good example of iPhone/iPod touch as an exhibition guide.

If you have either device, you should check out the following URL:

It is a bilingual guide (i.e. Japanese + English).

You will be surprise to find, how they have even optimized the size of movies.

The exhibition ends within 24 hrs. but I hope this site would remain as the model example.



the event was organized by Kenmei Nagaoka.

For more information about him:

His portfolio in English

His blog in Japanese

D & Department

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If you haven't yet, don't update your iPhone to 2.0.2


If you are an iPhone user and if you luckily hadn't updated its OS to 2.0.2, don't do it and wait until the next update.

I am one of the users who is experiencing the App Crash bug.

Some say that they were able to fix the problem by installing a new app from App Store; it didn't work for me.

My friend, Matthew Skyrm told me he got to fix this problem by authorizing the computer using iTunes and sync'ing, but it didn't work for me.

The only thing that worked for me so far is to "restore" the iPhone.

But even after restoring, if you buy a new App from the App Store, it could re-initiate the problem.

Restoring is a painful process especially if you find out that your backup file is corrupted and realize that you have lost all the data (from your MotionX score to Recorder's recordings and photos and SMS and notes, of course) and that you have to start over with all the settings, etc. etc.

If you already have upgraded to 2.0.2, be careful and don't buy too many apps from App Store until the next OS update.

OS 2.0.2 seem to be working fine for a while but it seem to break some DRM info while installing/updating your apps (via App Store on your iPhone).

The second time, I got into this problem was after I purchased an app from App Store; the app didn't finish installing for a LONG WHILE. And I had to power off the iPhone while the app didn't finish installing.

After the reboot all third party apps stopped launching.

Apple Insider says SJ is promising a September update to fix this, but I think this is more serious than he thinks.

I can't say for sure if OS 2.0.1 didn't have this problem (but at least to me, it didn't).

I hope Apple will re-release OS 2.0.1 as an OS 2.0.3 update very soon.

iPhone will be launching iPhone in 20+ country today possibly with the OS 2.0.2; I hope it doesn'T evolve into a serious problem.

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The 'Silent (mode)' War on the Internet

There is a silent war going on between Japan and China, Japan and Korea and Japan and Australia.

I believe most of the Japanese are healthy, happy people but those younger generation who are deeper into the web-sphere and those who would spend a few hours in the underground bulletin board systems, there are about 10 million of them, keep writing bad things about Chinese and Koreans; and from what I have heard the Chinese and Korean net inhabitants are doing the same against Japan .

I am not an expert on this matter, so I wouldn't dig deeper, but that war seem to have extended to include Australia especially after some Australian protested Japanese whaling last year.

I love whale both as a dignified animal as well as traditional Japanese delicacies.

And I mourn that so many people are using the internet to prevail hatred.

And more recently, many Japanese people found out about the English edition of Mainichi News paper that featured Japanese gossip articles.

One of the principal editor there was an Australian.

People found out that most of the articles he has written has skewed some of the quotes used in the article to intentionally spread negative image about Japan.

Many Japanese people felt very much betrayed by Mainichi News Paper.

And because of this incident, although Mainichi is one of the main national news paper in Japan, no one is advertising on them (at least not on the Internet Edition) at the moment.

Anyway, my last post seem to have triggered another battle among the Japanese and Australians.

I posted the last article because I thought it would be interesting to know that:

1. although all Apple products are made equal around the world there are some exceptions

2. to raise awareness that the phones can be a tool for spying (or tool for pervert depending on who you are)

3. how the Japanese companies just ban stuffs without deeply thinking into it

4. just enjoy the cultural difference

it was then introduced on Cult of Mac with some twist of Leander Kahney.

Most Japanese could take it thus far.

But the article on Gizmodo Australia crossed the line:

Japanese iPhone 3G Is Perverts' Worst Friend

Most reader in Japan were shocked with the vivid graphic the author has chosen.

And they felt very irritated and felt the entire Japanese population are being laughed at.

The tense relationship between Japan and Australia made them even angry.

Of course, most of the Japanese Internet citizens are happy browsing only a small portion of web-sphere where Japanese is spoken, but this article on Wired Vision let the Japanese people find out about the Gizmodo Australia article:

"We can't translate 'this' into Japanese"

(you can try using Google Translate)

Wired Vision has the exclusive rights to translate articles published on Wired News in Japan. They also seem to be translating some stuff from Gizmodo all around the world(my guess).

In contrast to the title, the author explain the article and the comments in full detail; s/he thinks the article on Gizmodo Australia had some bad anti-Japan intention.

The article points out that those discussion on the Internet can be very bad, if the writers write stuff in a juicy way.

Anyway, many Japanese also found the Gizmodo Australia article that way.

What do you think?

I just hope, with this incident people would become more considerate when they write something about other culture.

Although they are saying the same thing, the nationality of the author and the way s/he writes CAN make a big difference.

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Available only on Japanese iPhones

You might think iPhone 3Gs are equal all over the world. Well, not quite.

There are something that is only available on Japanese iPhones: the shutter sound in silent mode.

In Japan, the camera on mobile phones can be as high as 5.2M Pixels and they could be used for sneak shots such as spy shots and/or dirty pictures.

For this reason, Japanese manufacturer have stopped the disabling of shutter sound in silent mode; some manufacturers have even put louder shutter sound.

Many cell phone collectors have wondered if the sound will be on on the iPhone 3G especially because they knew the original iPhone 2G killed the shutter sound in silent mode; well, the answer was 'YES' and, although quietly, the Japanese iPhone 3G would make a sound if you take picture even when it is set to silent mode.

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check iPhone 3G at Japanese news sites


After July 10, a minute after midnight Japan time (which was morning July 9th for the US), half dozen of Japanese news sites started posting the latest in-depth review about iPhone 3G.

You can find almost everything you want to know about iPhone 3Gs.

You can use Google Translate to read them in English (and no translation needed for the pictures).

There are many info, you can't find in US sites at least, perhaps, after the product release.

Here are some links: review part 1 review part 1

ITmedia's movie review

ITmedia review

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