doodle on the wall with your iPhone

The soon to be released ZeptoPad 2.0 will let you doodle on TV/projector screens, etc. via your Mac or PCs.

No jailbreak necessary, you will just need to know how to connect your Mac/PC to TV/projector.

I will let the developer reveal the secret themselves later on when they release it; i heard it'll be sometime next week.

They made a video for it:

Diddle on wall with iPhone from Ryo Shimizu on Vimeo.

They just made another one, but I like the first one:

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Japanese iPhone DOES TVs

iPhone Battery & TV
Softbank Mobile 2008 WinterSoftbank Mobile 2008 WinterSoftbank Mobile 2008 WinterSoftbank Mobile 2008 Winter

 During their two hours special event by Softbank Mobile, Masayoshi Son [pronounced: song], the head of the Japanese iPhone operator has announced the iPhone users in Japan will soon be able to watch TVs on their iPhone.

 Mr.Son said for iPhone to succeed in Japan, there are three things that needed to be fixed.
 First is the battery length. Second is TV capabilities and third is Emoji, the non-standard cartoonish characters used on Japanese phones many people use to decorate their e-mails.
 And to fulfill this gap, Softbank Mobile has developed a self-branded original peripherals that is specifically designed for iPhone, the phone Mr. Son loves to his heart; every time, he makes public appearance, he spends at least five minutes talking how he loves his iPhone and how he stopped using laptops.

 The device simply dubbed "TV & Battery" is an 80 gram black device that would accompany your iPhone. If the user connects the device with iPhone, it will start charging your iPhone.
 On the back of the device, there is an antenna. If you pull it out then it will start streaming the Japanese ISDB-T (One Segment) television over WiFi. Softbank will soon be releasing a free application on AppStore. When the user launches this app, iPhone will automatically make an AdHoc connection to "TV & Battery" and start displaying the TV on iPhone screen; it is as simple as that.

 Emoji will also come to iPhone. Mr. Son didn't explain the detail but he said emoji will come to Japanese iPhone later this year; and we all know it means iPhone 2.2 will be released before the year end.

 In separate announcement, Softbank Mobile has also announced they will be opening up their subscription based public Wifi service called "BB Mobile" to all iPhone users for free. The Japanese iPhone users can use their e-mail address/password to login to BB Mobile Wifi service.

Softbank Mobile 2008 Winter

 When they launch this service on Nov. 4, people have to launch Safari Web browser every time they want to use the service but after December, Softbank will change the set up of BB Mobile service, so people would only have to login once after December to do the tedious id/password typing after that the Cookie saved on iPhone will handle the login process automatically.
 Many people are excited to hear this but some technically oriented blogger expects Softbank will use the MAC address login method which has Livedoor Wireless (BB Mobile's competitor) has been trying; if they did, the user won't need to launch Safari at all.

 Masayoshi Son has also announced some upcoming games for the iPhone including Crystal Defender by Square Enix, G RACER, Toaru kishidan to Maboroshi no Oshiro by HUDSON, Unotan by BBSS and Daijirin dictionary by Monokakido.

Softbank Mobile 2008 Winter

 In yet other announcement, Softbank Mobile has started Softbank Mobile Gift service; a service designed to send gifts without knowing the recipients physical address.
 The sender will basically send a e-mail with special barcode; so if the recipient bring that phone to one of local Seven Eleven stores in Japan, they can receive the item they received by showing that special barcode.

Softbank Mobile 2008 Winter

 During the two hour special event, Masayoshi Son has announced four new touch screen phones: Samsung's Omnia and htc's touch Pro and touch Diamond and Sharp's latest phone made exclusively for Softbank.
 All these phones can sport Yahoo! Widgets. As a matter of fact, Softbank Mobile will be hosting a Softbank Phone widgets contest. They also announced they made partnership with five major 'Internet partners' which would make widgets for them. The partners include MySpace Japan, Yahoo! Japan, mixi, DeNA and Niwango.

Softbank Mobile 2008 WinterSoftbank Mobile 2008 Winter

 They have also announced 12 non-touch screen phones (with lots of color variations) including Nokia N82 and E71 and a phone manufactured by Casio. Casio is known as a manufacturer with highest user satisfaction rate but until now they have been manufacturing their phones exclusively for KDDI (au). In Japan, it is such a ground breaking news that they have finally started making phones for other operators.
 Also for those living outside Japan, but visit Japan often, SoftBank 730SC might be of interest. It is a pre-paid phone without any monthly fee (or with 300 yen/mo, you will get unlimited e-mail).

 I know very soon, Apple will be working with 80 phone operators around the world, but I believe Masayoshi Son or Softbank Mobile is doing a great job giving the right feedback about what's needed for this market, etc. to make iPhone look even better in this market; if Apple had worked with the other operators in Japan, they wouldn't have treated iPhones this good and they would have never made any suggestions at all.

 However, I think Softbank could have waited a bit longer for these great announcements for iPhones  because I think the lack of stability of iPhone is something an average Japanese users won't be able to stand (and it could cause serious bad reputation).
 Right now most of the iPhone users in Japan are tech-savvy and they know how unstable smart phones are and can handle their own problem. And those tech-savvy people have already bought external batteries for their iPhone plus most of them don't watch TVs (especially on phones). They wouldn't use emoji, either instead they are used to writing what is called kaomoji using ascii characters (e.g. (^_^)  ).

 With this intro of Softbank branded external batteries and TV tuner, Softbank is seriously looking into average phone users in Japan which can be a difficult market unless Apple does an really really good job to make the iPhone OS rock solid. We shall see.

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The most underrated new feature of iPod nano(4G)


I have just recently found out that iPod nano speaks.
Well, it doesn't do any on-the-fly voice synthesis but if you check the “Enable spoken menus for accessibility" on your iTunes, it does generate the voices for each and every meny on your iPod plus each and every artist and songs, so you don't need to take out you iPod to check which song is playing. 

The detail is explained here: Apple Accessibility

I have an iPhone myself, but I bought the new iPod nano just for this feature and am very happy with it ;-)

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self-checkout cashier au japan


I recently found they have self-checkout cashier at RELUCK DELI &CAFE at Gate-city Osaki; the place is rather a small size supermarket with deli & cafe.
After a few minutes search, I found self-checkout cashier are found at WALMART, etc. in the US as well but what's so amazing about RELUCK is how they trust their customers:

1. the place have such wide and open exit (no doors) without anyone checking what's within the customers' bag
2. the self-check out cashier is so close to the exit
3. unlike the self-checkout cashier at WALMART, there is no machine checking the weight of your groceries as mentioned in this blog post

The system is totally trust base.

Of course, this is only possible because the store is located within Gate-city Osaki, a building complex where such well-known corporation as Sony and Adobe reside; most of the people found there are the employees of such big companies and they wouldn't risk the chance of becoming criminals.

Another cool thing with RELUCK's self-checkout cashier is that you would pay them using the Japan's famous Osaifu-keitai (i.e.  RFID application for e-wallet built into most Japanese mobile phones).


If you choose to go self-checout at RELUCK, you would...

1. place your phone on  the card reader
2. scan the barcodes of every grocery you are buying 
3. check the total price and press "OK"

that's it.

It is one of the places you should check out, if you have an osaifu keitai and a chance to visit Osaki.

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checking out Posterous

When I went to visit "DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON" today with hiratomo, he mentioned about a service called Posterous.
I am checking it out right now.
I hate receiving e-mails but I have to admit 'sending out an e-mail' is the easiest way to post things.

It's also great that you can multi-post your e-mail on several services at the same time.

I hate waiting for publishing/rebuilding.
Even worth is having a left-open windows with un-posted messages because of the server's down time.

Posterous might solve those problems.

Posted by email from nobi's posterous

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