bluetooth phone in Japan?

NTT DoCoMo has announced FOMA 900i series; the W-CDMA cell phone they would release in February 2004.

They support Flash and bigger (in file size) Java applications, etc. They come with famouse game such as Final Fantasy. DoCoMo claims they may not look as wierd as some phones from other company (i.e. INFOBAR) but they are better designed; well, maybe functionally yes, but I wonder if they are emotionally well designed. Unfortunately, I wasn't moved.

As a Mac user, the most interesting bit of information from this new FOMA announcement was F900iT which will be released at even later date (some time in Spring); "T" seems to stands for technology. It has touch panel (nice!) and best of all bluetooth built-in (finally!). At this point, they haven't disclosed which profile they will be supporting. But I am very much looking forward to iSync support as well as Salling Clicker support. For the latter to happen, people at Fujitsu need to be acquainted with this award winning software.

I wish I had the chance to show it to them ...


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Don Norman: Emotional Design




以前からやりたくてもなかなか実現できなかった原文との同時掲載、つまりバイリンガルの記事だ。テーマはまもなく米国で発売される同氏の新著、emotional designと今日のパソコンデザインについて。


Dr. Donald A. Norman is a well-known cognitive scientist;. I have interviewed him once in the mid-'90s for MACPOWER magazine. But I got the opportunity to interview him again, this time for a new quarterly publication by Impress Corp. called the "desktop"; a magazine designed to re-think about our desktops. I will be writing more about this magazine in the following entries.

Anyway, Dr. Norman discuused why the PCs today are so ugly as well as his favorite designs which you can now find on his own web page.

The magazine is in Japanese with one exception which happens to be this very interview which is bilingual: English + Japanese.

If you are interested, grab one at your favorite book store and take a peek.

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V801SA not good for fotolog (and some moblog?)


Though I haven't updated it much these days, many of you know that I love a service called fotolog; Some of yo may even know that I have started the TOKYOTODAY group log.

And as a matter of course, the first thing I did with my V801SA was to take a photo and upload it to TOKYOTODAY. But instead of the "Successful upload" mail, I got an error message. And so did sasurau.

I finally did a quick test and found why that was.

On fotolog, if you want to upload the photo via e-mail, you would address the mail to the upload address of fotolog (you can find it at FAQ) and make the subject look like this "your_fotolog_id:password" and attach the picture.

Very simple. And there is no problem uploading with FOMA P2102V phone.

So I sent the same mail to myself and I got this result:


Subject: test:dayo


Subject: =?iso-2022-jp?B?dGVzdDpkYXlv?=

Apparently, V801SA encodes the subject into ISO-2022JP no matter what characters are used (or not used) where as P2102V only encodes when necessary.

So those people who were trying to use V801SA as your fotolog phone or for moblogging should be warned and try not to use the subject line to send any commands or IDs.


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"1984" aired 20 years ago today



Whether you are a Mac-o-phile or not, you may have heard of the famous TV advertisement for the first Macintosh titled the "1984". It was directed by the famous film director Ridley Scott.

Most of you may think it aired first for the Superbowl in 1984 but it actually aired first twenty years ago today (in Japan time): December 15, 1983 (1am to be precise).

I first read about it in John Sculley's book "Odyssey." But you can also read bout it in Owen Linzmayer's "Apple Confidential"; I happened to be the co-translator of that book here in Japan.

If you don't have that book yet, here you can read the excerpt:

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3G Roaming in Japan

[for Japanese click more|日本語はmoreをクリック]

A week and half has past with my V801SA and I am quite happy with it except for one thing: battery life.

My V801SA has never survived the second day witout recharging; it is same with my FOMA P2102V phone, but V801SA is worse.

One good news though is I can recharge it with my USB cable that came with "Keitai-bannou" software package for FOMA phones (and Windows OS :-( )

As for SIM-swapping, hiroshiy is right, V801SA is SIM-locked and you can't use SIM cards from other vendors. As a matter of fact, I know there are two Japanese SIM cards that works outside of Japan, FOMA Card and VGS Card, but I have never heard of any SIM Card that would work in Japan. Are there any?

I doesn't necessary mean there is no SIM-swappable 3G phones; NOKIA Japan has W-CDMA+GSM (2-bands so far) but at least in Japan, it seems to work with VGS Card only.

I wonder when and who would ever support the roaming of foreign carriers. I am very sure vodafone is working on it.

V801 SAを使い始めて1週間半ほど絶ちますが、とりあえずは1点を除いて満足しています。問題点はバッテリーライフです。

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