capital of pickpocket

I know Paris is the capital of pickpocket (and the US is the capital of SPAM e-mail).

So I think I have been very careful, but if you lose your concentration for a few minutes, they will come after you.

Thos who are in Paris (or those who will be visiting), take care of yourself.

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Cocoa for Windows? Xcode for Windows?

Now that Apple has "Mac OS X on Intel" running. And now that most developers have set the decision to move to Xcode. Would Apple have any "Cocoa for Windows" in its plan?

A few years ago, Apple scrapped the "Yellow Box for Windows (or Intel)" claiming, they can't find business model for that.

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It's all about Xcode, not Intel

So "it was true." Apple is shifting toward Intel from PowerPC.

Everyone is talking about it and debating how good or bad Apple's decision can be. The pessimists list all the possible hazards and cry. But as always, I am on the optimistic camp.

I believe the most important message from Apple was not the "transition to Intel" but rather the "transition to Xcode."

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developing of a protocol

Last night, I was waiting for a bus at Shibuya Station listening to the tunes of street musicians playing near the bus stop. After two songs, she folded her score notes and halted. Just then another street musician standing about 20 ft away from here started playing. I've noticed these two were taking turns to play their music.

At first, I wondered why these two don't stand further away so both can be playing at the same time. But then I've noticed the girl has always been playing at the same spot at least on every Thursday. She has her own spot where all her fans gather around. I don't remember seeing the other guy but perhaps, it was his spot.

Seeing these two and imagining how they have made this protocol reminded me of how I've iChatted with my friend over an iSight.

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