Web 2.0 in your pocket.

Those who has been using iPhone since 2007 are already experiencing this.

But the most notable change that iPhone (and Android) will bring would be this:

Let's say this is an example of Web 2.0, yesterday.
Web 2.0: Yesterday

Then this would be the Web 2.0 tomorrow:

Web 2.0 in your pocket. 

This isn't merely a question of lifestyle. It will connect the socialmedia to the real world. It would connect not only to e-commerce but to the commercial activities around you. It would be the first big step into the Augmented Reality. It would also help those non-social Internet addicts back again to the real world. I think "Web 2.0 in your pocket" is great not just because you can take out Wikipedia or facebook just when you need it, or do a google search in front of the refrigerator for tonight's recipe, but also because you can turn off the screen and put it back in your pocket so easily and help you get back to the normal and healthy real life.

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    I've got a comment on Twitter saying people are carrying PCs in Cambridge (, MA or UK?).
    Well so does the people in Japan.
    But let's say you are trying to find out the info about the friend's office you are going to.
    With PCs, you'll first step can be to locate Starbucks and get a coffee.
    If you are used to standing up in the middle of the street and opening up your PCs, you might try that.
    But still, you will have to open your bag, take out the PC, wait until it wakes up from the suspend mode, connects your communication device (maybe this step will become unnecessary when PCs with built-in connectivity become more abundant in the latter half of 2009).

    But with Web 2.0 in your pocket device, it is as easy as taking it out from the pocket, wake it up instantaneously, launch a browser and hit the search button.

    My point is the BIG GAP between the two.
    Perhaps, I should have used a note PC in the bag for my first slide but I chose a desktop one to make the contrast look even bigger.

    You may have to experience it, to realize this BIG GAP.

    Web 2.0 in your pocket is also the device with built-in GPS to link you to the information around you, and the device with built-in camera to show things around you to the world, etc., etc.

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    I am the one who made the comment from Cambridge, MA. I appreciate your detailed response, which I received on my iPhone running Twinkle.

    I completely agree that the web 2.0 enabled mobile devices will change your life. While working as an attorney, I enjoyed using those devices roaming around Tokyo (using painfully limited Windows Mobile devices then) and NYC (thankfully, using iPhone) when I was out of office. Maybe that's because I could draw a clear line between work and life, relatively easily. Here in Cambridge, however, it seems many academics (including grad students and professors) are carrying laptops all the time, maybe because they believe they are supposed to devote all their time to their study. (In fact they do not, obviously.) How proficient you are in typing on iPhones, you cannot review your draft paper or compare different papers (with graphs and equations) on your phones. That's why we decide to carry laptops with us every morning when going to campus or Starbucks. It's a difficult decision, but we must learn how to organize our time and unload our heavy Macbooks (even Macbook Airs) which are meant to be left home when we do not work.

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    Sorry, it took me so long to reply.
    I am busily preparing for my flight to san francisco tomorrow + there is something wrong with my CSS, and sometime, it doesn't display the comments.

    I completely agree.
    I don't think the mobile device will replace laptops, as a matter of fact, I carry my MacBook Air everywhere; I know I shouldn't do it but I even carry it when I go somewhere with my family.
    But thanks to these Web 2.0 in Your Pocket. devices, the chances of me opening up my bag and taking out the MacBook Air is getting so low; it is just a backup plan.

    Also another great thing of iPhone is, when you write an e-mail from your iPhone, it will automatically insert the "Sent from iPhone".
    If you write a short reply to an e-mail sent from older generation Japanese who would write a lengthy and over-polite e-mails, they may take it very rude (and offending).
    But this "Sent from iPhone" signature is a VERY GOOD EXCUSE for writing back a short e-mail because people wouldn't expect a long e-mail from iPhone; although I believe writing Japanese on iPhone can be much faster than writing Japanese on other Japanese cellphones. ;-)

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    Thank you. I also use the Sent from my iPhone "feature" - though the same thing existed in Blackberries too. I remember one senior Japanese attorney got angry over a Blackberry email from an investment banker because it was too brief and blunt but lacked the "Sent from my Blackberry" signature. He should have sticked to the original setting.

    Have fun at Macworld!

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