practice Spanish on the moon!



I read about this interesting Web site called MOONBASE on Going My Way.

It is a shockwave contents that let you walk/drive on the moon.

When I visited there last night (Japan time), there wasn't a sould and I enojyed the silence of the moon.

But tonight it was different.

I saw group of people running all around. You have to wait your turn to get on the vehicle thing.

Most interesting of all was most of the people there were speaking in Spanish. As I speak some Spanish, I asked the guy "No sabia k en la luna se habla español (I didn't know you speak Spanish in the moon)."

The guy replied "Ya ves (you know it now)"


If you want to practice Spanish, go visit moon base around 8.30pm Japan time. You can enjoy practicing it and at the same time you can enjoy watching the earth up in the sky. ;-)

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