True Blue(tooth)

At last, there is a true bluetooth phone for the Japanese market.

It is made by Toshiba for au (KDDI). It was just announced today.

And RBB Today has that story.

There were a few bluetooth phones (and PHS/PCS) in Japan. But most of them supported it as external option and even if they did, they were only supporting the dial-up and file/data transfer classes.

But that's only a third of what we expect from Bluetooth phones. The other 1/3 is the headset profile which is getting popular in the US/European market.

And then, there is the whole new possibility opened up by a software called Salling Clicker!.

Sure, Fujitsu is making bluetooth phone for DoCoMo but they are not disclosing which profile they will be supporting and I've been hearing rumors that they are not agressive supporter of bluetooth.

The bluetooth for the new A5504T is programmable from its BREW environment, so if they can get Jonas Salling interested, they will be the first cell phone in Japan to support Clicker. And it sure is a BIG DEAL.

Too bad the A5504T is not a CDMA 1x WIN, but it is a big winner for me at least ;-)

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  • Re: True Blue(tooth)

    Dear Nobi-san,
    how can I connect my V801SA phone to my Mac PowerBook G4 (Mac OSX.3.2) so I can sync Address Book and iCal?
    Best wishes,

    投稿者名 Peter Cheyne

  • Re: True Blue(tooth)

    hi peter,

    i am sorry but you can't do that.
    if you want, you can export your Address Book entries as vCards, copy them to SD card and import them to your V801SA. But I think you have to do it one by one. Address Book exports multiple entries into one file, but like other cell phones in Japan complies to old IrDA format which would only accept ASCII/Shift-JIS encoded vCard 2.1 files which has only one record per file. :-(

    投稿者名 nobi

  • Re: True Blue(tooth)

    I recently purchased an A5504T and have a 17 inch powerbook. is there any way to use the phone as a modem to get 144kbps internet on my laptop?

    投稿者名 max

  • Re: True Blue(tooth)

    hi max
    if you live in Japan, yes. You should be able to.
    But through googling I have learned there is a pitfall.

    The basic steps of using BT cell phone are:
    pair your phone with your Mac using Bluetooth setup assistance
    Choose your phone as your modem in PPP setting

    but the pitfall lies in the paring stage.
    Mac OS X BT Setup assistance issues 6 digits passkey while with A5504T, you can only enter 4 digits.

    If you read Japanese, there is a hint and link to a solution on this blog entry:

    but I am on the go right now, I can't find Apple Discussion Board ID/password and can't verify. I will try to get back to you when I get home.

    投稿者名 nobi