NFC should have learned from FeliCa

Are you one of the many Mobile World Congress 2013 attendees who are disappointed with NFC gate at the Fira which is generating longer queues than the regular gates?
Or are you disappointed how clumsy Google Pay can be?
Well, I want to tell you it is not the fault of NFC(Near Field Communication) or RFID( radio-frequency identification) technology per se.

As a matter of fact a similar technology called FeliCa have been serving more than MILLIONS of people in Japan since 2006; and it is blazing fast! (0.2 sec. to process, the industrial design of the gate also helps people pass it faster).

Just watch this YouTube in action and you'll see it:

FeliCa Networks booth at JETRO booth, Hall 8 MWC 2013

The WESTERN WORLD knew there was FeliCa in Japan, but has built an inferior implementation and spread it worldwide.

If you want to know why FeliCa is so fast and successful. Go to MWC Hall 8 JETRO booth, there is FeliCa people there. You can also go to NTT DoCoMo booth where you would find representative from BOARDWALK who is a very successful ticketing service based on FeliCa.

Today is the LAST DAY of MWC, so HURRY!

If you want to know why FeliCa is so fast, it has something called the secure elements chip which copies the data from contacted NFC preemptively and process the data later.

Japan Railway (or JR) is one of the biggest stakeholder of FeliCa and they sort of invented it to process massive people in the morning rush.

I think FeliCa can be very useful worldwide, but then, JR is such a domestic company and they are not interested in foreign business, so in the past, they may have ceased FeliCa from being an international standard, but FeliCa corp. per se is looking forward to expand their business worldwide.

The guy at FeliCa booth told me, that almost all major international smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, SONY have already developed smartphones with FeliCa; and they are widely used in Japan.
So if the western world (especially the operators) has decided to go for FeliCa, the phones are already there!

You will be amazed to see what you can do with this exciting & existing technology.

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